Keeping Opossums Away From A Garden

Opossums, also called just Las Vegas Possums, usually pose no threat and are non-aggressive animals. They do tend to create unsanitary conditions and may become aggressive if they're suffering from a disease. You can try several ways to keep them away, or catch them and release them far away from your Nevada home.

Get the tree branches trimmed
Trees with long branches can help Nevada possums to climb up on the roof and stay hidden there. So make sure the tree branches or any other tall plants that are positioned nearby the roof are always trimmed. The minimum distance between the trees and the roof should be 10 ft. (3.05 m).

Protect low decks
Low decks are good places for Nevada possums to hind under. These places should be covered with some form of metal barrier. You should use ¼ inch, which is 6.35 mm, of grid screening, or solid metal barrier. You can also dig a trench around the perimeter of the deck. The depth of the trench should be at least 12 inches, which is 30.5 cm. The screening should be placed in the trench. The barrier should touch the bottom of the hole from one end, and the bottom of the deck from the other. Make sure there is an escape passage for the possum, in case a Las Vegas possum gets trapped under the deck.

Eliminate outdoor cover
Possums will try not to make dens in outdoor covering, for instance, under a shade, but that will give them an appealing place to hide. Make sure you mow tall grass. Also remove piles of grass clipping, wood or other debris from the premises. This also includes items like barrels or overturned planters.

Remove food sources
Possums are attracted to gardens where there's food. Remove any fruit dropped from the trees and make it less appealing for the Nevada possums.

Scare them away
To frighten the Las Vegas possums and make them run away, set up motion activated lights or sprinklers around the places where they visit frequently, for instance, around a fruit tree. Motion-activated sprinklers work better at scaring possums away than motion-activated lights.

Scatter dog or cat fur
Only the smell of a potential predator can be pretty effective in scaring away the Nevada possums. This is compelling them to not hang around more and leave the vicinity as soon as possible.

Use a repellent
Ammonia works like a charm in repelling possums. Other substances that do so are mothballs and garlic. Their scent is what makes Las Vegas possum flee from that specific place.

You should use a live-holding cage trap, if the possums are very persistent. Live-holding traps capture possum without inflicting any damage to them. You can capture them and then release them far away from your Nevada home.

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