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What Should I Do With a Skunk After I Catch It?

If you want to catch the Las Vegas skunk, you have to flow simple tips on how you can benefit in trapping the skunks. You should use a large cage trap which is the same size of raccoon. You should set the traps in the place where you have seen the skunks and you can make the trap to be firm at the ground. You can use cat food and marshmallows like bait of the Nevada skunk. Use at cover on the top of a trap.

When you have caught a Nevada skunk, it is important to avoid its spray. You should approach a skunk with a cloth such as blanket, towel and cloth in your hands. You should be careful so that the skunk cannot see you. Approach it slowly and put the cloth on a cover. When the skunk is not able to see, it is not going to spray. It is not going to spray since it does not see where it has to spray. When you have already put the clot on the cage, the skunk will be calm. While watching the Las Vegas skunk, you can know its behavior.

When the Las Vegas skunk raises the tail and it is agitated, it is giving you the warning that it may spray anytime. You have to back off so that you may wait that it may calm down or it can lower its tail. If the skunk backs away and it has a raised tail while it fans and stomping on the ground using the feet, this means that things may be serious and you have to back off and you have to wait so that everything can chill out so that you can try to approach it once again. When the Nevada skunk is whipping its rear and it has the rectum facing you and it looks over its shoulder to you with a flared and high tail, you should run since it is ready to spray.

When you have already put the Nevada skunk under control, the cloth should continue to be trapped on the cage and you should put the skunk within the trunk of the car or within the bed of the car. Use a tarp or a rag to block the dirty and drive an animal to the area that was approved for the relocation as far as it is legal to do this in your place. However, if relocation is not an option, you should know what the law says and if you are allowed to kill the Las Vegas skunk you should kill it.

Before you deal with the Nevada skunk, you have to always wear the canvass gloves with quality leather while handling the traps. This is going to protect you against any scratches and you will be reducing the exposure to the urine or to the feces.

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